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  • Sandi Carpenter

Sandi Carpenter

Interior Designer Director

Sandi has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Her projects have been featured in Home & Design Magazine. Sandi has been leading Theodores Interior Design Project Department for nine years.


What inspires you?
Urban environments are the most energizing and inspirational settings. The heart of each city has a different pace and color palette which defines each region. Historical buildings, or lack thereof, in each city paint different pictures of the past and/or it’s progression towards the future.

Artist you would most like to collect?
This is an ever-changing answer. My tastes evolve with my work and when traveling there is always a new artist I become obsessed with. Currently, Tauba Auerbach’s work is on my radar as some of the most brilliant, and colorful pieces. One piece in particular called the RGB Colorspace Atlas is a printed book of every color imaginable. It not only re-invigorated my love for color, but also stretches the boundaries of what technology is capable of translating.

When and where are you most creative?
I’m most creative when interacting with clients. I feed off the energy of the moment when someone is struggling to find a solution. Often times, it is when my best ideas flourish.

Places you most like to escape?
I have two places, the ocean and the mountains. Both places, no matter where they are on earth, are powerful, and relaxing. I find the balance of both those elements allows me to truly escape to a peaceful state.

Favorite place in DC?
This is also ever changing due to the development within the city. I tend to visit each section quite a bit so I’m not in love with just one corner or neighborhood; it’s the city of DC that is my favorite.

What Architect inspires you?
Zaha Hadid. Her designs are still being erected even after her passing. She thought differently about the lines of architecture and her fluid style leaves you breathless every time you experience it in person.

What design tool can you not live without?
My cell phone. Sounds strange, but when everything is at everyone else’s finger tips these days, it has to be at yours as well.

Your top design trends?
I’m experiencing a lot of clients downsizing and the most important trend is wall systems. They provide elegant solutions to storage, display, and design aesthetic. With open floor spaces becoming the norm in everyday living, they provide the perfect solution to integrate all the elements of your space.

What does every space need?
COLOR! At least a little; not everyone can handle bright, bold colors on large furnishings, but a pinch of color here and there not only creates a balance, but also provides a window into your personality.

Favorite Food?
Edible flowers. I love eating my inspiration too!

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