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Design Team

  • Janice Kanter
  • Marian Henein

Marian Henein

Interior Designer Director

Marian received her BFA from Cairo University in 2006 and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.


What inspires you?
Nature. The organic colors and textures found in nature. I also adore a live moss wall or two in some of my projects to bring the outside in.

Artist you would most like to collect?
Without a doubt Linling Lu. I’ve been following her for the last 5 years. Her works are represented thru the Hemphill Art Gallery in DC. She was born in China and received her BFA and MFA in the United States. I never miss her shows at Hemphill.

When and where are you most creative?
Early Morning at work with a nice cup of coffee.

Place you most like to escape?
Home… to spend time with my husband and my 2 boys!

What architect inspires you?
Hands down Dame Zaha Hadid. I’d say she was able to take concrete, glass and steel to another level a true visionary she will be missed. We studied her work in Design School and I have been a fan ever since.

What design tool can you not live without?
My Arteza Color Pencil Box. I use these pencils to hand sketch my vision of the space I’m working on. It’s something I like to do prior to scaling the space in CAD.

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