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DC Design Personality

Furniture should follow lifestyle.

Washington DC is filled with personality! While the city itself has a rich history and design language, it’s really the people you meet who make the place memorable. From casual to corporate, each person has their own unique style that they bring to the table. Still finding your interior design style? Take a look at a few DC design personalities complete with pieces from the Theodores design service!

The Worldly Journalist

They have been around the world, but DC is their home. Warm colors and exotic accents dominate this style, bringing in a sense of adventure yet maintaining comfort. Cowhide chairs are casual yet sophisticated and exciting artwork lines the walls.


The High Powered Entrepreneur

Clean lines and edgy glass pieces mimic the profiles of their Metro Center office. Sleek wall systems keep their things organized and an Italian bed assures a good night of sleep before their big meeting.


The Uptown Musician

Band image is important both in and out of the recording studio. A clustered sectional creates an ideal hangout space and atmospheric lighting is great for setting the tone for productive practice.


The Trendsetter

Every detail of their house is glamorous yet functional. They mix and match classic pieces and sleek designs to create the perfect environment for hosting everything from cocktail parties to casual get togethers.


The Conscious Local

Their home is calm, composed and organized. Each piece is selected for function and durability and customized to fit the needs of their iconic DC row home. A lacquer and wood wall system helps keep things out of the way in their small living space.

Furniture should follow lifestyle. Visit Theodores 10,000 square foot showroom today to find your own DC Design personality!





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