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Living with Lagom


There is a lot to be said about the virtues of minimalism. With clutter comes stress, disorganization and the desire to accumulate more and more items in your home. This year, the word trending in lifestyle publications is lagom. Lagom is a Swedish term for “not too little, not too much, just the right amount”. While minimalism is a movement with a lot of energy and drive, lagom takes a more easygoing approach. Lagom may include purging your possessions but it could also mean being more careful about the items you acquire going forward.

Lagom is a great design concept for those who are not quite ready to commit to minimalism. While minimalism may encourage cutting down your possessions, lagom is more about keeping only the things that are truly meaningful to you. The meaningful things become your environment as well as decor. For example, a music enthusiast with a vast record collection would choose to invest in a piece that showcases that collection and an artist would let their paintings take center stage.


One of the main elements of leading a lagom lifestyle is carefully evaluating the purpose of each item you own. When designing a room in your home it’s easy to get carried away with the number of options available as well as all the things you can put on top of your furniture. Using plants is a great way to combat the urge to place clutter around your home and also has a wide variety of health benefits. They act as decor that opens up your space and brings us closer to nature.

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An important principle of Lagom is removing just one item from each room. This may seem like a small step, however it can shift the perspective from items in your space to highlight things like beautiful windows, stunning artwork, or an elegant sofa. The room will feel lighter you may even feel inspired to organize and evaluate your items even further. If you want to take the process one step further, out talented Theodores design team can help you select case goods to organize your room!


A comfortable chair can do wonders for your back. Instead of populating a room with accent chairs, try picking one chair has the right support for you. This not only saves space, but can also save your back in the long run. Solid colors are a good way to ensure that the chair stays in style and is flexible enough to move from room to room. A small ottoman can also help you relax in the ergonomically designed seat. The restrained buying of furniture also helps declutter small spaces like apartments and townhomes and chairs with legs lifting them off the ground help rooms feel more open. Lagom teaches us that less is more and that a one-time investment piece can bring years of joy.


While lagom may be another lifestyle trend, it has solid roots in environmentalism, design, as well as the human need to unburden. It reminds us that just a few small actions can really make a difference and that moderation still has a place in a modern and busy world.

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