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Designing With Glass

When designing a room, it is important to keep in mind that there could be a lot of colors and textures coming into play. Using glass in a design is a great way to add a luxurious yet practical touch because it will reflect all the different colors and textures in your room. From dining tables to table lamps, there are many ways to use this elegant and timeless material in your room.

Luxurious Lamps


Glass lighting fixtures are possibly the easiest way to bring some shine into a space. New and creative lighting brings energy and liveliness to any room and do not appear as heavy as traditional lamps with lampshades. Small spaces and shelves can also stand out with a carefully placed light.


Dazzling Display


A more dramatic approach comes in these large glass display cabinets. They can go from holding china and glassware in a formal dining room to holding artwork in a living room. Their flexibility is not the only thing that makes them stand apart. LED backlighting creates a perfect environment for both small and large treasures.


Dramatic Dining


A glass dining table is the ultimate statement piece. It picks up the color in a room and also the sparkle from a dining room chandelier. While not in use it is also a great sculptural piece that can stand on it’s own.


Creative Cocktail Tables


Glass cocktail tables complete a modern living space. The clean lines and light feeling of the glass on this piece contrast with the heavy industrial touches on the bottom. Using glass together with a variety of materials can help bring together the look of a space.


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