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The Evolution of Escapism 2017


Washington DC is a city of high pressure politics, endless traffic issues, and trains that spontaneously combust. The crowded conditions conjure up critical stress levels for many residents and create a buzz that never subsides. This boiling pot of activity, however, has introduced new ways for residents to find relaxation and peace in their day to day lives. While living spaces in the area may be tight, residents are looking for ways to incorporate meaningful experiences within a limited amount of space. Comfortable reading nooks, luxurious sofas, andorganic shapes have been appearing across the city as small places to escape from the everyday world.

While escapism may have started as a trend that helped people take a break from technology, it has evolved into something that means even more. No longer is it just a living room without a television, but it is a space that allows mental distance from the worries of everyday life. That’s why a common theme in many escapist spaces is a connection to nature. Organic shapes and rounded corners dominate lamps and accessories and a natural color palette brings in relaxing greens, browns, and blues. Materials that are forecasted to be 2017 trends, such as matte finished terracotta tiles and burnished metals highlight the move towards this nature-loving style.


The desire to move away from open-plan living is also a player in escapism. Additions of reading nooks with comfortable sofas or poufs define a specific space to be a special area for contemplation and reflection. There is also an emphasis on creating comfortable indoor/outdoor and outdoor spaces on balconies and backyards with urban gardens and lounge areas. Popular pieces for such spaces are large wicker chairs and hanging loungers. The size and the comfort of the pieces define a place of rest and elevate the experience of the outdoors.


Looking forward, escapism in interior design seems to be a wonderful answer to trying times. Not only does it provide a place to recharge, it also deepens the human connection to nature. Even in the busiest cities, a comfortable and enchanting place can remind us that there is always wonder to be experienced in the world.


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