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Does Your Home Have Superpowers?


As our physical and material worlds merge with our virtual and digital ones, manufacturers are in a constant state of evolution and innovation to keep pace and offer objects and applications that connect the two.

The Trend Lab at Salone del Mobile.Milano has explored the relationship of the digital world with the physical landscape and notes a few key ideas about what homeowners desire for these technological wonders to provide and create for them:

• Smart connectivity that allows management of the home even from afar
• Technology that can respond in real time
• Smart functions that adapt and respond, creating an ecosystem that meets their needs, often changing as those needs evolve.

The offerings in the marketplace that have the potential to bring these ideas to life are those that can truly create a feeling of a house with superpowers. Here is a sampling of the types of devices and furnishings that have potential to do just that!

• Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Moment – A wireless and intelligent sound system which claims to be able to integrate your digital music library with your streaming music subscription services all while sporting a midcentury modern look with the high tech touchscreen discretely tucked away when not in use.
• NuBryte console – A smart home console that replaces the light switch on the wall and offers motion sensed on/off and the ability to create a whole home network controlling light, offering built in home security, as well as organizational tools like a family calendar, and convenient functions that support energy monitoring and a home intercom.
• Home security is another major corner of the smart home market with devices that allow homeowners to monitor the home from afar using cameras, both indoors and out. Numerous companies offer devices with varying features.

Our homes continue to adapt to meet our needs allowing us more control over our environment, making our lives safer and easier, and adding features that make our entertainment experiences richer and more personalized.

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