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Tell a Story – Old and New


Some of most interesting rooms we love are those that seem to tell a story. They are made up of items that have meaning to their owners, offering the opportunity to ask questions, to delve into anecdotes, to get to know the people behind the objects. These rooms have substance and depth, meaning and emotion. They resonate with us and tend to be the spaces that we remember best.

One way to intentionally create a space full of personal style and individual panache is to offer something unexpected – perhaps a blend of old and new. Placing objects in a space that have history alongside items that are brand new and innovative brings an eclectic feel that avoids the cliché of a showroom look-a-like. A combination of antiques with modern pieces connects the past and the future in a room that is perfect for the present.

When blending primitive styling with contemporary mod there are no official rules, but there are some guidelines that can help make certain that the end result feels intentional, fresh, and sophisticated.

Those in the know will tell you that the key to an eclectic space is balance. Provide plenty of contrast in the textures, vary the colors, and avoid the matchy matched look. Add in something unexpected to temper anything that leans very traditional, and if that unexpected piece can be a focal point – a statement piece for the space, even better.

The ultimate goal is to build a bridge between the old and the new with subtle shades and bold pops of color, with rustic elements and sleek accessories, or with vintage treasures and modern lines. Take a traditional concept and give it a little bit of a twist or plan a bit of surprise with a couple of contrasting colors.

Vintage + contemporary. Rustic + sleek. Antique + modern. Old and new. Each possibility offers as many options as there are unique people to create them.

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