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Serious Design Slip-ups (and Simple Solutions)

Designing a room is loads of fun. Adding one’s own panache, pulling together pieces, and creating a space that makes others say, “Wow!” is definitely satisfying. More and more people are taking on the design plan themselves, learning as they go, with varying degrees of success.

As homeowners jump into home design, there are some serious design slip-ups that can derail the best of plans and wind up leaving a room lackluster, confused, or even, in the worst cases, barely functional.

• It is basic math in design – dozens of smaller, less expensive pieces do not equal the wow-factor of one amazing statement piece. Certainly, a statement piece of art or furniture is more expensive, but it actually does the job of catching the eye, turning the head, garnering the appreciation it is due. Ten smaller objects scattered around the room, while less expensive in the short term, do not evoke the wow.
• There is an old-fashioned carpentry rule that states — measure twice, cut once. In home design, we should readjust that rule to be measure twice, BUY once. What looks great on the showroom floor may be too large (or small) in scale for the room at home. Creating a scale drawing of the space, and of the pieces to be purchased, allows for careful consideration of the way the pieces will fit in the space.
• Buy furniture that works in the space. Large, dark, heavy furnishings can overcome very small spaces; those spaces simply shine when fitted with light and airy pieces that open the space. The reverse is true for large areas. They need something a bit heavier and darker to ground them.
• Nothing makes a room feel more disconnected than a too small rug and furniture that is placed around the perimeter. Purchase a rug large enough to make a statement, to create a defined area. Then gather furnishings around it in a conversational way.

When working in design, size matters – make a statement, make it fit and avoid the serious design slip-ups in the future!

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