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Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Trend Lab

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world hosts a well-known fashion event known as Milan Fashion Week. As a hub for beautiful things, Milan is also the host city for an international event – the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Founded in 1961, this event was inaugurated to showcase Italian furniture and exports. In its current iteration, it serves as a fashion-forward destination for global buyers, trendsetters, and experts in home design.

The 55th edition was recently held in April and offers not only a glimpse into Italian design, but gorgeous offerings from around the world. Highly diverse, with over 67% of the attendees being international, and is most definitely a trendsetting show with a focus of young designers, this event is one to watch!

In addition to the showrooms and exhibits, the talks and the networking, the Salone also brings to the table trend research done by Salone del Mobile.Milano Trend Lab which offers insight into the trends of design – not just the what, but the why.  They call this research Livingscapes.

Salone del Mobile.Milano Trend Lab describes their work this way — Livingscapes research is:

a socio-cultural approach and ethnographic research method that allows us to see the world-home as an object-place inhabited by individuals with personal and relational needs that evolve with the changes in society, in our image of the world, in lifestyles and in the socio-economic context.

The Trend Lab defines the house as the physical dimension of the space and the objects within it, but separately defines the home as the “lived space” and includes all the  “behaviors, inclinations, ideas and choices that organize the space and govern performance, interactions with objects, gestures, rituals and relationships.”

It is fascinating work, with tremendous potential for relevance to our business. Over the coming months, we will share the trends, the research, and the application of these ideas to our homes and yours.

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