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Millennial Modern

Millennial Mod

Millennials, Gen Y or the Net generation – born circa 1980-2000 — are a demographic whose likes and dislikes tend to set trends and influence design.

If you belong to this cluster of data points, you are likely someone who lives a confident and optimistic life. Likely active in social media, with a strong online presence, electronics are part of the daily routine – a lifeline to information, to social connections, and as a tool for living a fun, functional, and efficient life.

Additionally, the Millennial generation is a widely ethnically diverse, eclectic group of people, open to new ideas, curious about options and possibilities, and interested in crafting spaces that truly reflect themselves. This new Millennial Mod style encapsulates the best we’ve come to love about the Millennial generation.

Several trends have bubbled up around this segment of the population and are movements worth noting as they continue to evolve as the world does.

  • Keeping it natural –
    • This trend is all about materials that are sustainable and renewable, with an eye toward health and wellness.
    • While rustic and natural materials are definitely part of this trend, so too, are the engineering processes which offer similar looks at a much smaller footprint ecologically – manmade materials that mimic the look of marble or granite, for example.
    • Reclaimed woods, repurposed items, offer a hint of eclectic style, a hint of rustic, but without the country chic feel of yesteryear.
  • Keeping it organized –
    • Many members of this population love organization – everything from fun office supplies to sleek kitchen organizational devices.
    • They want things to have a place and to be easy to return to that place, with one caveat – they want all this order to come with a side of style!
  • Keeping it modern –
    • High tech devices with functionality that enhances their lives, adds to their efficiency, or just offers fun (LED lights in the shower, for example!) are the go to of this group.
    • Also included in this idea are the clean lines and sleek modern looks of many furnishings.

While at first glance, it seems as though these trends are a bit exclusive to each other, Gen Y-ers see them more as a yin and a yang, an equilibrium of sleek modern, with the natural beauty of the world added to keep the balance.

The Millennial Mod generations believes that they can have it all. Who are we to say they can’t?

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