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Bold Tranquility: 2016 Color Trends

Bold tranqui

As our lives become more demanding, we’ve begun to rely heavily on our homes as a sanctuary that can rejuvenate and restore the balance. As showcased by our dual Pantone Colors of the Year—Rose Quartz and Serenity, tranquility and balance are prominent themes in our color choices this year, but it’s not the only theme we can expect to see in 2016. On the surface, the seemingly simple colors may seem a bit juvenile, however, upon deep introspection, the pairing is reflective of society’s nod towards gender equality and acceptance.

Together, the color choices are part of a more unilateral approach to color. Separate, they each represent separate nuances that are indicative of our current mood and attitude. Blue is soothing and stimulates clear and lighter thoughts. Soft pink has a calming effect on our minds. When the two become intertwined, the result is a warm embrace and a sense of order and peace.

Even so, 2016 is not all about peace and serenity:

  • Dark tinged blues are quenching our desire for moody hues. This year, we can expect to see the return of navy blue and dark teal.
  • Slate gray, coupled with exotic prints will satisfy our need for drama and glam.
  • Light beige, paired with hints of emerald green, turquoise and earthy tones, will return us to our natural roots.
  • The timeless appeal of a crisp, white space will restore balance and symmetry to our homes and lives.

As we delve further into 2016, the combination of vibrant, yet calming colors will bridge the divide between our insatiable need for bold tranquility.

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