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Striking Stripes


Milan. Paris. Rome. New York. On the runways of the fashion capitals of the world this season, we spied a superabundance of stripes! Like a vibrant rainbow with every width from the tiniest pinstripe to bold swaths of color, stripes made their presence known in a big way.

Home design frequently follows the fashion runway trends, so we predict that these vivid ribbons of color will grace everything from accents to entire rooms, floors and ceilings, even walls and windows in the coming months.

Chunky bold bands or thin strips of color both work to bring these striking stripes to life. Placed vertically, they bring a traditional feel; horizontally, they read more contemporary.

Coupled with white, classic navy blue stripes kindle feelings of traditional awnings, fresh and clean with the time-honored feel of simpler times. Explore other options by experimenting with other shades. Sweet corals, bold orange, bright pink or even jet black pair flawlessly with white to evoke a similar feel with a fun flourish. The classic stripe works on fabrics, walls, flooring – just about anywhere!

Two-toned stripes are the classic variety. Ponder ramping up the design with three colors in the stripe pattern, or even four or more. Have fun with color to create a cheery and bright effect.

Striking Stripes are finding new ways to be fresh. Stripes we have loved lately:

  • Gray with orange and black
  • Sunny yellow with clear blue and white
  • Mixed hues of the same shade – lavender with eggplant, coral with orange, varying shades of green.
  • Sophisticated neutral on neutral.
  • Elegant cream and gray stripes, typically vertical and wide but we also adore them on the horizontal.
  • Offset stripes on walls or floors boost the feeling of movement.

Stripe it up! Add that color! Embrace this classic yet completely on trend style with boldness and verve or dabble with it playfully by adding simple accents.

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