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Milan Fashion Week – Inspiration Ahead!

Early every spring, the runways of Milan are filled with the fashion trends for the coming fall. Milan, as one of the fashion capitals of the world, is a place to see and be seen, exploring the creative talents of some of the most innovative and elegant couture designers in the world:  Alessandro Michele, Prada, Marni, Missoni, Fendi, Armani, and more.

Keeping our eye on fashion is a smart strategy as runway fashion often leads the trend lines in all other areas, including home design.

The optimism of the moment was clearly evident in the offerings by the designers in Milan. Minimalist and monochromatic color schemes seemed to take a back seat to bold colors, particularly reds and yellows that shouted loudly the positive vibes of today. Mixed prints were also hot hot hot – the more eccentric, the better.

Be prepared to begin to see more stripes, in bold colors, lashing out in all directions and widths. The colorful bands will be part of the mixed print, bold color trends in months to come.

Also obvious was a trend toward opulent fabrics and luxurious detailing. Rich embroidery, luscious velvet, sequins and brocades danced along the runways. Sparkle and glitter glammed up trims and fabrics. Furs of all shades warmed up collars, trims, and coats – in bold hues, stripes, and even patterns.

Ruffles and floral continued the bend toward the feminine, but most definitely avoided feeling fussy. The optimistic color revue held court with sunshiny yellow, embracing the bright, loving the loud!

While the 70s were still most definitely an influence, the 80s are roaring back. Leather and laces, with graffiti inspiration, call up memories of hair bands, Madonna’s younger days, and a little bit of a rebel yell.

While not every trend will find its way into home décor, many may. The optimism is contagious and we are certain that this bright and energetic confidence will certainly influence home choices.

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