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High Point Highlights

high point highlights 2016

The High Point Market wrapped up its spring show and from all accounts, it was a fabulous time! Seventy-five thousand people descended upon North Carolina for five days of fabulous furnishings, fabrics and fun.

Twice a year, our sights turn to this event to monitor trends, see the latest innovations, and to simply be inspired. The spring show did not disappoint!

A few trends of note:

  • Functional and versatile furnishings, adaptable to one’s needs, with clever storage solutions, features that make life easier, and with an intentional eye toward styling and design. We want our world to work, the way we want it to, and to adapt on the fly. Designers have heard these demands and brought their A game.
  • Everything is coming up floral! Romantic and modern floral patterns graced everything from wall coverings to fabrics, upholstery to accents. These are not your grandmother’s chintz florals; more sophisticated, refined, and oh-so modern!
  • Two colors seemed to hold court at market – greens of every variety and soft soothing white. Green brings to life the feelings of harmony and balance, with a calming effect and a focus on wellness. Soft white offers sophistication in a classic way, often using texture for interest.
  • Metallic finishes continue to add luxurious appeal in modern spaces. Particularly notable at market this spring were tones of polished nickel and brushed brass.
  • Natural materials seem to increase in popularity every year. This year’s darling is agate, otherwise known as the “jewel of nature.” These slices of rock bring a unique look to hardware, lighting, and accents.
  • A fairly new idea at market this spring is that of layered patterns. Taking seemingly incongruous patterns and intentionally placing them in the same space creates an interesting, visually innovative design.
  • Sophisticated simplicity offers clean lines, with a minimalist vibe, furnished in acrylic, brass, and white.

The market is full of ideas and innovations, clever creations and colorful combinations – like a kid in a candy store, we just cannot get enough!

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