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Nothing but Neutrals

In the world of design, it seems as though color has all the attention — bold colors, soft colors, colors of the year, colors of the month. There is something so elegant, though, about an intentional absence of color.

A truly neutral palette has a beauty all its own. Serene and calming beige and white or black and gray may have a reputation for being excruciatingly dismal and dull, but with careful planning and attention to detail, rooms crafted in these shades exude elegance and grace.

Consider, for example, a room covered in warm beige, soft white, and warm metals. Warm taupe is an elegant shade all on its own, but when coupled with creamy soft white, the sophistication amps up, and the metallic tones add a luxe element. Insert natural wood, enhance visual interest with varying textures of materials, and the room comes together. Simply stunning!

Black and white is another combination of neutral tones that work together with classic grace and style.  While stark white and ultra saturated black are amazing and definitely modern, softer black with creamy ivory takes the look in a gentler direction. This pairing reads quite earthy and warm rather than slick and formal.

Shades of gray in varying hues are another option for a neutral space with grace and style.  Worsted wool, gray silks, and misty tulle add classically styled refinement. Shades of soft dove gray, dark storm cloud gray, and lustrous pewter work together to create chic style.

Whenever styling with a monochromatic color scheme, texture is crucial. Adding visual interest with woven fabrics, rich leather, trim detail, and the like brings the room to life. Single toned, neutral inspired rooms offer a welcome respite from the world of bold color. Timeless, elegant, refined — neutrals hold their own in the world of high-end design.

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