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Modern Boho

modern boho
When you hear Bohemian décor, what comes to mind? Piles upon piles of rugs, surrounded by canopies and poufs, with beaded doorways and more patterns than should be practical? The laid back and loose feel of a Bohemian styled space might not feel modern and contemporary, but with some careful edits, a bit of current detailing, and a second look, this aesthetic turns out to be up-to-date, relevant, and fresh.

The three keys to the modern Boho look include gorgeous rugs, plenty of plants, and a modern gemstone inspired color palette. If one rug suits you, then start with that. If you are inspired to layer and patchwork several together for a warmer feel, experiment with placement. In either scenario, the rug provides the basis of the cozy, comfortable look in the space.

Add in plenty of living plants of various scales. Large plants will provide a powerful dose of life to the room while smaller varieties add vibrancy and verve throughout. The differing shades of green all play beautifully with the rich color palette typical of this scheme.

When selecting the color palette, think jewel tones but with a warm undertone – mustard yellow, deep teal, rich persimmon, and clear Greek blue work well. Play with plenty of patterns in wallpaper, rug weaves fabric prints, and even wall art. Like with the rugs, if one pattern pleases you, work with that. If you are adventurous and want to play, put several together.

While the classically Bohemian look will never be mistaken for a minimalist approach, the modern take on this styling can be pared down and decidedly simpler. It is intended to be a space comfortable for living.  Layer in warm blankets, comfy ottomans, and softer-than-soft pillows.

With themes inspired by the Mediterranean and Morocco, with an eclectic and warm vibe, Boho-chic may just be the modern interpretation of laid back and casual you have been looking for.

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