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Inspired by Watercolors

Canadian watercolor artist Doug Mays once said, “Where oils lumber… watercolors prance.”

Fine visual art brings life to color. Oil paints, pastels, and acrylics add feelings of substance and weight; watercolors add flowing movement, more airy and light. Mixing colors with water naturally inserts fluidity, with the pigments following the passage of the water across the background, graceful and blended, intermingled and elegant.

In fashion-forward home design, inspiration often comes from the arts, and watercolor is no exception. Watercolor art is incredibly versatile and always lovely, with many applications beyond the obvious one of creating charming art for hanging on one’s walls.

There is a cheerful romance to watercolor.  Often soft and subtle, it has the ability to add color without boldness, bringing into play soft and romantic airiness. This subtlety conveys elegance and sophistication in any space, offering something lovely to the eye while soothing simultaneously.

While many watercolors are airy, light, and oh-so-pretty, their versatility is particularly clear when deep and dark, offering the same softness in deep rich black, charcoal gray, rich purple, and the darkest navy blue. Bright bold colors enjoy the same tempering giving them the power to bring wow-level color without being too intense. The depth of the colors can be richly saturated without heaviness, without overpowering.

When the pigments blend and marble, the artistry becomes clear. Each wave of color seems to have life of its own, with dimension and depth, whether in a rich floral pattern, abstract graphic design, or ombre inspired styling. It works as a stand-alone pattern but can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for another object or pattern.

Watercolor inspired products available in the marketplace include elegant wallpapers, stunning fabrics, marbled stone finishes, and more. Florals abound both in graphically represented fashion and in more realistic, yet soft, realism. Modern twists on watercolors add geometrics, monochromatic applications, or even casual tie-dye inspired looks.

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