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55th Annual Milan Design Week Trends to Watch

Milan design week 2016 trends

This year marked the 55th anniversary of the world’s largest and most stylish furniture and design fair, Salone del Mobile, better known as Milan Design Week. Sandi and Janice attended Milan Design Week, where we enjoyed a week packed with exciting events, exhibitions and presentations displaying the latest and most cutting edge designs in the furniture and fashion industry.

Like most attendees at Milan Design Week, this highly anticipated event gave us valuable insight into what trends we can expect to see across the industry so that we can, in turn, procure the best furniture for our customers. Some of Janice and Sandi’s favorite trends were greatly varied. Brass was still strong, but we also saw some classically beautiful marble pieces as well. Fur was strong, including two fabulous faux chinchilla chairs that they loved. The team saw a bit of whimsy, too, including wood paper clip console tables.

Additionally, you can expect these design trends:

Bold Color and Material Choices
This year you will notice a reemergence of colorful cushions and upholstery textiles in the living room and bedroom. Also, keep an eye out for natural wood, dark teal and concrete colors.

Modern Furniture for Children
Children have historically been missing from the modern movement, but in 2016, we can expect to see modern and durable furniture catered towards children.

Futuristic Kitchens
Smart homes are on the rise. This year will pay special attention to elevating smart technology in the kitchen.

Elegant Seating
Elegance was also a major theme at Milan Design Week this year. A particular spotlight was shone on sectional pieces specifically designed for small, yet stylish, contemporary living spaces.

Based on what we saw at Milan Design Week, and careful consideration of our client’s preferences, we have no doubt you will enjoy the pieces we’ve selected for our 2016 Milan Shipment. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram for more images of our Milan shipment. We’ll be sharing exclusive updates and pictures as items begin to arrive. If you see something you like and want to place an order, call us at 202-333-2300 and our team will help you right away!
Best Wishes,
Janice Kanter

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