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2016 Architectural Digest Design Show

architectural digest design showAll things fashionable seem to have their start in the hustle and bustle of the streets and studios New York City. Each spring, the Architectural Digest Design Show seems to herald the warm and wonderful arrival of spring with an amazing array of gorgeous offerings from talented and inspirational designers throughout the world.

With a record setting attendance of over 45,000 people, the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show had its most attended year ever. Luxury trends, quality materials, and all things beautiful are always the highlight of this four-day event on Manhattan’s west side.

Several trends found traction at this year’s show:

  • Bringing the hotel home – spa-like luxurious splurges are making their way from the luxury hotel lines to everyday homes in the suburbs and boroughs. Super comfortable linens, high-end finishes on furnishings, well-crafted hardware – each item adds a rich level of luxe to routine everyday life.
  • Inspiration from the cosmos – stars are certainly timeless in their inspiration and appeal. Celestial inspiration popped up in wall coverings, sculptures, and light fixtures. Galaxies, stars, and planets inspired artists, designers, and sculptors throughout this year’s show.
  • Beautiful objects for children – even the littles deserve beautiful things. Petite sized furnishings popped up in several lines, and we are not talking about plastic tables, chairs, and play kitchens, but rather pint-sized beautiful pieces meant to upscale the tots’ den.
  • Crafted beauty – textiles and fiber art continue to provide warmth, texture, and dimension to our homes. Honoring the time-bound traditions of distant cultures and ancient techniques, the fiber arts are elevated to a well-deserved status of art.

Trends seem to come and go, but those accented through architecture tend to have a timelessness, a classical beauty, that keeps them from feeling like a passion of the moment and more like a renaissance of something lovely. The Architectural Digest Design Show 2016 didn’t disappoint!

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