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Rebel, Rebel: Breaking the Rules

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Convention has rules. Tradition has rules. Sometimes it even feels as though rules have rules. Ever feel like you just want to break them?

Design is the perfect place to take a conventional, traditional rule and turn it on its head, change it up, make your own path. When it comes to modern design, sometimes breaking the rule creates the most amazing results, personalized to your tastes, with panache and flair that can only be described as uniquely you!

Let’s play with that idea for a minute.

Rule: A table and chairs should be a matched set.

Says who? A table with a mismatched set of chairs, all different sizes and shapes can be eccentrically cool. Or try a traditional table with modern chairs that match each other, maybe upholstered in a funky fabric?

Rule: Small spaces should be minimally decorated to give the illusion of space.

Another way to look at that guideline is that a small space is the PERFECT place to try a bold color, wow-that-is-wild-wallpaper, or other daring choice.

Rule: Use one large pattern per room.

In modern design, why not mix it up with multiple large-scale patterns. The point is to create a look that makes people wonder, ask questions, and sit up and take notice. Diverse patterns in one space do just that!

Rule: Use a room for its intended purpose.

Who says you have to? If you need an office and have a dining room, repurpose the dining room. If you need a guest room and have only a loft or den, add a bit of privacy with a door or curtain, and craft a delightful little space for your guests.

Conventional rules work for conventional spaces. If you want to live (and think) outside that box, do not be afraid to break the rules. In doing so, you create a design that is unique to you.

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