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Go With Greens!

Winter is beginning to turn tail and run, allowing warm spring sunshine to take its place, luring us back to the outdoors, drawing us to nature – and oh, the greens are so lovely when they creep in to take over where winter’s drab browns have been.

Mother Nature puts on a quite the show as she transitions from winter to spring: the softest green of the budding trees, the dark green of tulip stems, the rebounding mosses and ferns after a long winter. Green evokes feelings of life returning. It is no wonder that green symbolizes growth, harmony, and new beginnings.

Green is one of those colors that is outstanding in its adaptability. It acts as a true neutral, permitting other colors to seize center stage, but it is just as capable of reveling in its own spotlight – revealing its own lively hues.

In recent memory, greens of the moment have been rich and dark (think Hunter green) or silvery and light (sage, for example). Today’s greens draw from more of a yellow or blue undertone, putting a modern spin on this shade.

Using botanicals as our muse, we take our cues from the way nature mingles greens. The key? Balance. Layering varied shades of green, adding dimension with lighter and darker hues, much like the forest. One shade looks like sunshine breaking through the canopy, another more like a shadowy spot.

Green is not limited to monochromatic design schemes and actually plays beautifully with dissimilar colors. A crisp green and white color scheme is ageless. Pair it with pink, orange or blue, bring in any darkness of wood, each and every version just works.

Earthy and lush, green conjures a sentiment of newness, organic and natural, and can be calming or lively contingent upon the saturation and undertone. Clearer greens tend to read more modern, darker greens more conventional.

After a long winter, green is the perfect complement to the warm spring sunshine and fresh air. Consider bringing in some green to refresh your space, uplifting it with vibrant color or crafting a serene spa-like oasis.

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