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Color Hues: Optimism


Color has the distinctive power of influencing our attitude. Color trends of late have shown a definite leaning toward bright, vibrant, hopeful shades. Top paint companies and even by Pantone, the world color authority, have selected hues that reflect positivity, hopefulness, and delight.

Sunny and bright, vibrant pops of color highlight our overall happiness. Vivid shades have worked their way into our homes and wardrobes. Whether color creates our mood or our mood affects our color selections, the cycle continues and that is a very good thing!

When one thinks of optimistic colors, the most common shades that come to mind include sunny yellows, bold oranges, and hot pinks. Energetic and bold, those colors definitely uplift and elate the senses. It’s important to note, though, that optimistic colors can also be more restrained and soothing, depending on one’s individual tastes.

Happy thoughts and joyful moments can be presented through bright and sassy colors, but they can also represent themselves as the embodiment of contentment and calm. The quietude of our homes brings us a peace and serenity. For example, blue has been popular for several years, in part because it is both an expectant shade and one that lends a sense of calm. It emanates positivity in its own subdued fashion.

You will know when you have found your happy place with color when the space seems balanced — the yin and yang of colors in a palette are pleasing to your eye and you smile when you arrive in that space. Build a palette in which each shade is exquisite alone, but when used in concert with the others each hue is enhanced.

Play with color. Add depth with different hues, layering the shades like textures. Experiment with placement and silhouette, intensity and light until you find a combination that brings your heart joy!

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