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Design Trends: Birds of a Feather

birds design

Along with the well-known sights and smells of spring – pops of floral color, the soft green of new grass, the earthy scent of fresh soil, and the clean fragrance of spring rain – there are sounds that herald the arrival of the warmer months.

The twitter of birds singing to one another, returning after a cold dark winter, while they flutter from tree to tree enjoying the spring breezes and warm sunshine announces the coming of spring.

Avian accents range from the sweetly whimsical to the elegant sophisticate and everything in between. Silhouettes of birds are showing up in statuary, wallpaper motifs, and fabric designs. In a wide range of colors, with varying levels of eccentricity, these options are an amusing way to frolic with this trend. It is important to note that this movement is so much more than the lovely look of a peacock feather.

While birds themselves are evident in the trend, so are related items: sweet blue robins’ eggs, wire cages reconstructed as cabinets, and baskets woven from a wide variety of materials to emulate the shape of a bird’s nest. Bird tracks add a delightful bit of movement to a pattern and genuine plume trims enhance sophistication.

Light fixtures and wall art draw their inspiration from avian themes, artistic drawn representations of feathers, photographs of stunning birds, and computer generated graphic representations of birds and feathers. In more elaborate situations, feather rugs and ceilings add high drama and an over-the-top wow factor.

Dabble in this trend with just one carefully selected nod to the trend or use all things bird as the inspiration for a full room of on trend design. Whether you want to make a bold statement or simply add a bit of whimsy – the avian trend has the charm and sophistication you are looking for.

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