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Farrow and Ball: New Colors for 2016

There is nothing more inspiring than when we are presented with new color options to inspire new design.

Farrow and Ball recently unveiled nine new colors on their color card, each with its own story.
• Shadow White – Named for the soft hue generated when whites are applied in spaces rich with shade.
• Drop cloth – Christened by its likeness to the painter’s tool of the same shade.
• Salon Drab – Drab here means anything but dull. Rather it’s a color that lacks brightness, a muted chocolate – rich and soft.
• Worsted – Named for the flat woven gray-hued fabric of the same label.
• Cromarty – This shade takes its name from an estuary known for swirling mists.
• Peignoir – A soft romantic grey pink, classic yet modern.
• Yeabridge Green – Inspired by a tone found behind an old gun cabinet in a renovated home, the soft yet bright tone conjures up images of lush green grass.
• Vardo – A pop of teal inspired by the horse drawn gypsy wagons of traditional Romany culture.
• Inchyra Blue – A blue with strength, intentionally aged, influenced by light to be grey, blue or even green.

Farrow and Ball continues to lead the industry in quality paint, stunning colors, and inspired looks. These nine new shades simply showcase their style.

Image credit: http://www.wantoday.com/interiorsblog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/032.jpg

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