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Winter Inspiration: Interior Design


Winter skies can be gray and gloomy, with the winds cutting like a knife, and a
tendency for us to snuggle down and hibernate for winter. However, opening one’s
mind to the beauty and splendor of the season can bring joy and inspiration to our
lives, even as we wait for spring.

 The ice hanging from the eaves might just inspire a chandelier to bring
sparkle and glamour to a room.

 The gray of the sky may seem drab and dull at first glance, but juxtapose a
scarlet red cardinal in that same scene and the pop of color simply wows!

 Bare branches reaching for the sky seem like sculpture. The same look can be
achieved with wallpaper or modern florals.

Each day should bring joy and beauty regardless of the temperature outdoors.
Nature is beautiful year round – finding inspiration in the coldest season simply
requires the willingness to seek it.

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