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Be Unconventional: Rethinking Your Room Design

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Architect’s plans typically designate a name for each room that seems to define its function. But what happens if that defined function does not fit your life? If you are like many contemporary homeowners, the solution is to redefine the purpose of each space.

Give your space new meaning and new life by re-envisioning it’s original purpose. Be bold and brave. Try something new.  Rethinking your room design can have an incredible impact on the look and feel of your home. Scrutinize the central parts of your life and alter the spaces in your home to work more efficiently and reflect your personal style.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • A vacant bedroom can be fitted temporarily with hanging racks and dressers to convert the room into an extension of the master bedroom closet.
  • A rarely used home office redesigned into a much needed additional bedroom, giving young children more space or teenagers more privacy.
  • As children grow up, the kitchen may revert back to being a true food preparation space as the command central role is needed less.
  • An unused dining room or formal living room transforms into a stylish home office closer to the kitchen allowing for a more integrated life.
  • A formal living room transforms into a large, welcoming dining room for a foodie family that hosts elaborate and delicious dinner parties on a regular basis.
  • Perhaps you need a craft room, a yoga studio, or a meditation space – find a room that is not being used to its fullest and make it happen!

Rethinking your room design in the most unconventional of ways maximizes the functionality of our square footage, making life more efficient, integrated, and relaxed without having to undertake a costly renovation.

What are some ideas you have for re-envisioning your space or rethinking your room design? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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