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Sustainable Design: Levi Strauss NoStone

Levi Strauss NoStone

Meet Levi Strauss, the inventor of the NoStone, and winner of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award. In November 2015, the International Textile Manufacturer’s Association held their annual trade show in Milan, Italy. New technologies related to textile production were showcased by thousands of companies focused on digital textile printing, nonwoven textile production, and the like.

As a component of the event, ITMA announced the 2015 winner of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award: Levi Strauss and Company for their implementation of a new technology by Tonello called NoStone which will allow the their factories to distress denim for stone washed jeans with far less negative impact on the environment.

The implications of this technology on home décor and design are yet to be determined, but as we know well, innovations in fashion tend to impact products for our homes.

Take a look at this overview of the technology known as NoStone and what Levi Strauss has up his sleeves in the coming years:

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