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Celebrity Style: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel and global
ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme Gisele Bündchen know
they live an abundant life with Super Bowl appearances, modeling careers and all
that fame and fortune can provide. Their success has allowed them to truly embrace
celebrity style in their day to day lives.

Their Los Angeles house is certainly beautiful, but if one looks more closely at their
life in that space, it becomes clear that this place is truly their home – full of
memories, offering a welcoming and open door to their friends and family, with an
easy comfort level bar none.

Built on a lot with a view of the Pacific, the couple crafted the home to accommodate
their growing family, loads of visitors, and with plenty of relaxed style. Both are
dedicated to a lifestyle of sustainable living, so the home was built with recycled
materials and environmentally friendly supplies. Anything that could be sourced
from reused materials was.

Soothing and calm, the décor is founded on neutrals, with quality furnishings
throughout. Blues and greens add a smidge of color, while staying true to the theme
of sustainable living.

As it all comes together, Bündchen says, “Whether you’re talking about a home or
the land, it’s the same—if you nurture something, it will nurture you back.”

Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1687152/thumbs/o-GISELE-TOM-BRADY-570.jpg

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