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Pump up the Glam


‘Tis the season of parties and soirees, glitz and glam. While we could be referring to our wardrobe, compete with a little black dress, shimmery sequins, and satiny ribbons, what we are actually referring to is dressing up our homes, setting them up for the season, resplendent and dazzling.

Metallics continue to be the accent of the year, and nothing is more chic than mixing them all. Warm golds, coppers, and brasses cozy up the place; add some silver and pewter to balance the space. Hammered looks, brushed satin finishes, or super-polished sheens all shine brightly this time of year.

Add some candlelight for drama, a bit of ribbon for romance, and make the light sparkle with classic crystal. Flutter the fringe, tuck in some taffeta, and sprinkle some glitter and glam.

Here are some easy ways to add a quick bit of glitz and glam to your home for the new year:

  • Capitalize on natural light If your room gets a decent amount of natural light,  high sheen or glossy black wall can brighten up the room. But keep in mind that if your room lacks natural light, dark walls may make the room feel a bit too dark.
  • Break up your black and white color scheme by adding a small pop of color. Try a brightly colored throw rug or accent pillows. Add a colorful vase or wall accent to really bright a burst of color into your room.
  • Feeling bold? Add a shimmering crystal chandelier for instant glam. Chandeliers are a simple way to achieve an elegant and glamorous look without changing the entire design of the room.

Go all out or add subtle touches. It’s entirely up to your personal style preference. But ‘tis the perfect season for shimmer and sheen, so go get your glam on!

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