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It’s the 70’s, Baby

70's trends

Fashion, both home and personal, cycles around to make what was once old back to new again. Lately, we have been seeing a fun resurgence in all things from the Seventies. Funky and fun, these fresh takes on our favorite 70’s style to bring them into the modern era with style!

  • Orange – In the 70’s, this color was always paired with brown, accented with mustard, and definitely rusty. Today it is crisp and sunny when paired with blue and is currently one of the hottest colors of the rainbow.
  • Macramé – Do you have visions of scary woven rope owls looking down upon you from the wall? Well, skip the scary owl part and jump to retro planters and modernized versions of rope wall art. This is definitely a trend you can DIY or you can go with a ready-made version.
  • Shag – Shag rugs were all the rage half a century ago. The contemporary version is the Flokati rug. Indulgent, inviting, often with geometric styling, it is a fresh new take on this 70’s style and so soft underfoot!
  • Wood paneling – Remember the fake wood paneling of dated retro rec rooms? Put that memory out of your head and embrace a chic and warm revision constructed from authentic wood, often installed horizontally, and either whitewashed or finished to accentuate the true beauty of the wood grain.

Are you a fan of 70’s style? Sound off in the comment section below!

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