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Easy Entertaining (Even When it’s Expected)

easy entertaining Most holiday parties are carefully planned, with each detail considered, and allow the host to be prepared for the menu, the drinks, the conversation, and even the guest lists.

Modern casual living involves more spontaneity and flexibility when it comes to entertaining friends. To maintain your reputation as the host who has it all together, prepare ahead of time with these four guidelines for easy entertaining:

For those last second party plans, remember these four tips:

  • Stock up on a few beautiful unscented candles. Their glow sets a beautiful tone, hides the dust, and feels warm and welcoming. And, without a scent, they are perfect to light when food is being served.
  • Choose a couple of easy-to-make on the fly appetizers that use non-perishable (or commonly kept) ingredients. Then, make sure your pantry is stocked with those ingredients all the time.
  • Select a few bottles of good wine to keep on hand and at the ready. Another option: decide on a seasonal signature cocktail and keep the ingredients stocked in your kitchen or bar cart.
  • Above all: relax! Our friends want to spend time with us, not critique our homes or turn their noses up at a simple charcuterie tray.

Following these suggestions will allow you to be that host who makes easy entertaining look like a breeze!

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