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Avoid These Furniture Fails



Purchasing spot-on and stunning furnishings is only the foundation of furnishing a room correctly. When planning to place your furniture, try to avoid the following all too common furniture fails:

  • Furniture too big for the space: scale is essential. If a room feels too crowded, it probably is. Conversely, plan wisely with large spaces so that the furniture feels grounded.
  • Consider the traffic flow of the space. If you are constantly hitting your shin on the table, move it. If you cannot get to the things you need, rearrange.
  • Avoid having your back against the wall. Float the furnishings instead of lining the walls with them. Bringing the pieces together helps to define a conversation space.

The key idea is to plan the furniture placement so that the way the room is set up makes life easier for the people who live there. If you keep that as your primary focus, finding just the right spot for each piece will be simple.

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