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Ten Tips to Beautiful Bookcases

Beautiful Bookcases

Bookcases, while utilitarian, also serve as the perfect landscape for some design inspiration. Rows and rows of books alone may not create the artistic aesthetic you desire. Follow these ten tips for beautiful bookcases that enthuse!

  1. Vary the placement of books. Some vertical; some horizontal.
  2. Turn a book or two facing forward if it has particular sentimental meaning or a stunning cover. Use a small easel stand, or for a more casual look, just prop it against the back.
  3.  Add artwork, especially sculpted pieces which add dimension.
  4. Use color to your advantage. Organize the books by the color of their jacket. Or remove the jackets altogether for a cohesive look.
  5. Consider adding natural elements for a different texture.
  6. Contrast the scale of your display items to add visual interest.
  7. Build in some space. Allow your things to breathe, if you have room. Much like white space in a room, the space will allow your eye to rest.
  8. Use stacks of books as risers to elevate objects, also shifting the landscape.
  9. Add treasures or collections. Both visually interesting and something to talk about!
  10. Don’t forget the back. Consider adding a pop of color with paint, wall covering, fabric or even gift-wrap!

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