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Mix it Up: Pattern Mixing

pattern mixing

If you’re a fan of patterns, rejoice, pattern mixing is back in style this season! Pattern delights the senses, inspires design, and adds a level of fun that color simply cannot do on its own. Pattern also intimidates, dancing just out of reach for those who want to play with pattern, but have fears of using too much, using too little, using it wrong.

Never fear! Here are some basic pattern mixing rules that should have you exploring stripes, paisleys, and florals in no time!

  • Try to select patterns in odd numbers, with at least three patterns to start.
  • For the first pattern, choose something large in scale, the second in a medium scale, and the third in a smaller scale.
  • Vary between geometrics and florals.
  • Stay within the same general color scheme, with one pattern carrying on one or more of the colors of the next.
  • Another key is to stay in the same hue – all pastels, all bold vibrant shades.
  • Spread the pattern around the space for balance.
  • Busy patterns bring energy to a space while simpler subdued patterns bring calm.

Go forth! Be brave! Mix it up!

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