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Glorious Days of Glamour and Glitz

glamour and glitz

Style lovers rejoice, we’re returning to the days of glamour and glitz!

The upturn in the economy has brought glamour and glitz back with gusto! Luxurious fabrics, rich metals, and opulent finishes showcase the feeling of the good life.

Glamorous trends of late include:

• Perfect pleats –Handcrafted, tastefully tailored pleats are popping up everywhere from bed skirts, to upholstered pieces, and draperies. Sleekly fitted and understated, they add a touch of class and elegance.
• Sleek silhouettes — curves in all the right places.
• Luxe finishes – glossy lacquered woods, metallic sheens, mirrors and marble.
• Lavish fabrics — mohair, velvet, even metallic-look leather.

Bring on the good life with a bit of glamour and glitz!

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