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Vintage Modern

Vintage Modern

What is old is new again! Nothing is hotter in home design than midcentury looks. The diverse mix of comfortable pieces, old books, colorful fabrics simply make a home feel homey, and this year vintage modern is popping up in homes all across the globe.

While some people have time to browse antique shops and flea markets to find their vintage inspiration, most of us do not. The great news is that modern designers are inspired by the same vintage looks and offer us brand new pieces with that quirky vibe. As style and taste change, designers have a knack for getting ahead of the curve.

Designers are using techniques like aged patina and old school glam to create pieces that work beautifully in an eclectic mix of modern clean lines and pieces that look like they have a story of their own.

Use a neutral backdrop for the best effect. We like a warm gray – modern yet cozy. Then layer in quality furnishings, colorful fabrics, and accents in vignettes. An assortment of textures, finishes and sheens adds interest.

Vintage blended with modern is the best of all worlds. We can expect to see vintage modern looks continue to heat up well into the next year.

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