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Richly Romantic Rose Gold

rose gold
Metallic tones are everywhere these days. Gold and brass intensify warmth in a space, while silver and nickel add a contemporary and lustrous frostiness. Rose gold, though, as a relative newcomer to the metallic rage is soft, romantic and brings its bling in a gentle fashion.

Rose gold gets its color from supplemental copper added to the gold alloy. From the subtlest hint at pink to a richer hue, the variance is caused by the amount of copper added. The more copper, the pinker the gold. Rose gold is complimentary to most skin tones and pairs well with many colors.  It pairs particularly well with neutrals, especially those with warmers tones such as beige or gray. 

To experiment with rose gold, consider mingling rose gold with both silver and traditional yellow gold for a self-assured and fresh style. If you’re looking for a more toned toned down look, consider adding rose gold pendant lights or drawer handles. These slight splashes of color will add a hint of boldness without overdoing it. The blush tone leans toward old school romanticism, but yet still feels so modern! It is becoming a go-to metallic trend that has every chance to advance into a timeless classic.

Rose gold is this slated to be one of the hottest colors of the season. Want to receive in-depth design tipss on how to incorporate rose gold into your home? Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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