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serene home design

Our homes are our sanctuary from the world. The hustle and bustle continues outside as we walk through the door at the end of a busy day. As the door closes, we kick off our shoes, set down our bags, and settle in for an evening at home.

Whether that evening is relaxing and rejuvenating or stressful and agitating often has everything to do with our environment. Here are three important tips for home design that will increase the tranquility of each space:

  • Symmetry – placing items in balance is calming. Asymmetrical assignment of lamps, end tables, and artwork causes the mind to notice the dissimilar and unbalanced objects. Symmetry is what the mind expects, and when it finds it, it relaxes.
  • Color – color has an incredible impact on our sense of serenity. Calming colors include soft neutrals, lush greens, gentle blues, and pastels. Even a brighter shade, such as purple, can be used to being peacefulness, if it’s tempered with gray.
  • Softness – There is nothing like collapsing into a soft chair or sofa at the end of a long day. Pillows, carpets, fabrics all add texture and softness to our spaces. Upholstered pieces add coziness and rugs can bring down the echo in a space with hard surface flooring.
  • Lighting – Just as a sunny day uplifts our spirits, the lighting in our home can have the same effect when it’s time to unwind. Consider soft lighting for comfortable rooms like the family room or your tucked-away personal study.

Life outside the four walls of home is hectic enough. Add some serenity to your space to create a retreat from all the busy-ness of the world.

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