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Pantone’s Picks for 2015 Autumn Colors

2015 Pantone Fall Colors
Summer is winding down. In a few weeks, the kids will all be back at school and the seasons will begin to change. Fresh colors for a fall season always help us look forward to the change in the temperatures and the shorter days.

Pantone recently shared their picks for the shades and hues we will see prevalently this autumn. As you might expect, the palette has warmth to it as autumn typically does, but this year there are a few fresh almost summery shades that allow us to hold onto the bliss of summer just a bit longer.

Take a peek pantone’s favorite picks for 2015 autumn colors:

  • Dried Herb – Neutral, warm and chic, a calming deep taupe with subtle undertones of green.
  • Desert Sage – Gray continues to dominate and this hue is truly neutral, with a timeless elegance.
  • Stormy Weather – Another version of gray. This one moodier, more velvety, a bit luxe.
  • Oak Buff – Warm yellow with a definite nod to brown. Rich and comforting.
  • Marsala – Pantone’s rich wine-inspired Color of the Year takes its place on the list, as expected.
  • Biscay Bay – Blues still reign and this one helps us draw upon our memories of summer beaches even as we head into fall.
  • Reflecting Pond – A deeper, richer blue. Stable and neutral, but with definite interest.
  • Cadmium Orange – A soft orange, reminiscent of melon.
  • Cashmere Rose – Resembles the mauve of yesteryear but warmer like a soft cashmere sweater.
  • Amethyst Orchid – A clear purple hue, light and bright, but with an unexpected zing for fall.

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