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Own Your Personal Style

Interior Personal Style

“Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date.” – Billy Baldwin.


Inspiration for home design can come from anywhere – a magazine, a Pinterest board, a tweet, or a visit to a friend’s home. Add the multitude of choices available in the marketplace and one might develop a bit of style schizophrenia or analysis paralysis.

Making the right choices for a room may seem difficult, but if you follow the basic mantra of “Stick to the things you really love” – then the decisions become much simpler.

It is less about what other say you should love and more about what you actually do love and your own personal style.

• Consider a statement piece. Perhaps there is a piece of blown glass or a wall tapestry you simply adore. It makes you smile and catches your eye every single time. Adding it to your space and making it a focal point provides direction for the room. Bring in other pieces you love, creating an honest space.
• Look to your personal fashion. If you dress in classic suiting, traditional footwear and timeless silhouettes, then your home should likely reflect that side of yourself. If you are drawn to Bohemian pieces in your closet, then you’ll likely be delighted to have a Boho-chic sensibility in your living spaces as well.
• Eccentric and funky works. Adding an upholstered piece in a groovy print that really feels like “you,” combined with accessories that pop in an otherwise neutral area is another tactic to let your style sing.

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