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On Trend: 2015 Goregous Kitchen Trends

2015 kitchen trends

Kitchens are one of the most used areas of our homes. Having a beautiful space allows us to enjoy it virtually every day, multiple times.

Here are some gorgeous kitchen trends to consider if your kitchen is ready for a reboot:

  • Minimalism – Homeowners continue to embrace the idea that less is more. Streamlining the space, reducing the number of implements, choosing functional pieces – each of these approaches allows for a simpler approach to life. Modern lines are easier to clean and accessibility is the rule of the day. Open shelving and fewer upper cabinets allow for display of simple, functional, and beautiful pieces.
  • Concealed Appliances – While appliance manufacturers work to make sure that appliances are beautiful as well as functional, sometimes even the most stunning design detracts from the beauty of the kitchen plan. In these cases, consider tucking those appliances within the cabinetry or behind sliding panels.
  • Let in the Light – Light has always been something that chefs desire in the kitchen. More light makes food preparation safer and more efficient. This year, homeowners have been electing to reduce the number of kitchen cabinets and install more windows. Bright airy kitchens also often feature French doors and glass walls.
  • Go with Gray – Gray as a neutral tone has been gaining in popularity for several years. Recently, it has enjoyed resurgence in kitchens: gray cabinetry, gray marble, gray stone floors. Cool gray is super hot in kitchens this year.

As the year continues to unwind, we can expect to see many more gorgeous kitchen trends popping up all across the globe!

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