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Five Ideas for a Great Summer Soiree

summer entertainingSocial time with friends is typically at its peak in the summer months, but hosting a party can feel a bit daunting. Try on these easy ideas for inspiration!

  1. Go retro – Retro is all the rage. Consider old-fashioned coolers, a throwback to yesteryear signature cocktail, and even pull out some of grandma’s old appetizer recipes from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Whether your party is a kick, a total gas, or far out, it’ll be something people talk about!
  2. Bohemian, baby – Highlight some local artists or musicians or host a poetry slam. Casual décor, farm-to-table food, and some local wine or beer will make this party creative and clever.
  3. We all scream for ice cream – Gather some friends for an ice cream tasting. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, make homemade flavors, but just as much fun might be comparing brands, choosing unique flavors (Merlot, perhaps? Jalapeno?), or having a “most creative sundae” contest!
  4. Gather ‘round the campfire – Or more likely the fire pit. Dinner can be as easy as a hot dog and hamburger buffet, with picnic-style sides. The highlight of the evening might be a build your own s’mores bar, complete with the usual suspects of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow, but with a few add-ins too. Consider banana or strawberry slices, chopped peanuts, or gourmet chocolate bars.
  5. Take me out to the movies – Set up a projector with a plain white sheet for a screen and host a movie night right in the back yard. Popcorn, cold drinks and cotton candy make your guests feel like they are at the drive-in with a personal touch.

Capitalize on what is left of summer…party on!

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