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Summer Style: Build a Bountiful Bar Cart

bar cartSummer living brings people together for cocktail hour, social evenings, and game nights. Being the perfect host is easy with a perfectly arranged bar cart.

Bar carts come in a wide variety of styles, fashioned from many different materials to suit a wide variety of design schemes. Wood, both lacquered and stained, metallics of all sheens, and even Plexiglas options are available in the marketplace. Mirrors, accent handles, and varied silhouettes offer even more variety.

Once the bar cart itself has been purchased, the next task is the stocking of the cart. While hundreds and thousands of liquors and ingredients are available, most drinks can be fashioned from a standard list of base liquors and mixers.

Base liquors:
• Gin
• White rum
• Vodka
• Bourbon
• Tequila
• Brandy

Base mixers:
• Dry vermouth
• Sweet vermouth
• Cointreau or triple sec
• Bitters

Smart to have on hand:
• Soda water and/or seltzer water
• Fresh lemon and limes
• Cocktail cherries, olives and onions
• Simple syrup

Add some fun napkins, a few bar tools, and some friends and you have yourself a party!

For extra special fun, conjure up a signature cocktail to delight your guests!

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