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Neutral Notes

neutral living room

While color brings much interest to our spaces, there are times when neutrals should reign supreme.

When a home is being prepared for sale, for example, the reduction in personalized color choices helps potential new owners see their own style in the space. Neutrals are also quite calming and have an elegant appeal to them that if allowed to be monochromatic, make a space feel quite tranquil.

When choosing a palette of nothing but neutrals, keep the following advice in mind:

• Note the undertone. Keep yellow-based neutrals with other yellow-based neutrals and follow the same rule for blue-based grays.
• Vary the space with different hues in the same line. Perhaps lighter tones on the woodwork, slightly darker on the walls, and a third shade in a nearby alcove.

While it seems counter-intuitive, neutrals actually have distinct personalities. Some neutral groupings feel quite traditional such as antique white and warm versions of off-white. Others are more modern with a gray base and stronger brighter whites. Choose the one that speaks to you, then the colors you add to the space in the future will likely complement rather than compete.

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