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Texture: An Essential Element

TextureAs room designs come together, the focal point is often the color scheme. A primary hue or two, add in a couple of accent shades, or perhaps go with a monochromatic look, or even consider something starkly contrasting. Another component of a space that is not always primary in our minds, but yet is absolutely essential, is the depth that texture brings.

Texture is often thought of as simply the physical feel of a material, roughness versus smoothness, for example, but texture can (and should) be visual as well. When a room includes a variety of these textures, the visual and sensory interest increases along with the sophistication.

  • Silky – a subtle sheen and delicious slippery feel
  • Rough and nubby – adds heft and substance
  • Matte – understated in the background
  • Glossy – a bit of the dramatic
  • Smooth – reflects light more than matte, but less than glossy – an unobtrusive effect

Including texture in the design plan plays with more of our senses. It brings energy and life to a space, providing contrast in a different way than color.

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