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Tech on the Deck: Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingSummer evenings are here! Outdoor spaces have definitely become extensions of our homes. Adding amenities makes those spaces the place to be as the sun goes down!

Here are some simple outdoor lighting solutions to enhance your homes:

  • LED lighting – perfect for places where lights will be on for extended periods or where changing bulbs frequently is inconvenient.
  • Oversized fixtures continue to be a fashionable way to add drama and curb appeal!
  • Flexibility is key in these spaces, and lantern lights allow the light source to move as the activity does. Many modern lantern designs are gorgeous!
  • Stay in control with apps designed to interact with lighting. Most give you the option to dim the lights as the evening wears on or even change the color of the light.

Other improvements to add function and fun:

  • Bluetooth speakers – bring on the tunes!
  • Propane tank monitors – never run out at party time.
  • Bluetooth thermometers – the chef can monitor the meat and remain social at the same time.
  • Bartending app – recipes for drinks to satisfy your guests

With these no-fuss outdoor lighting solutions, your home will be the envy of all your neighbors!

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