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Sneak Peek of 2015 Milan Shipment

2015 Milan Shipment

At Theodores, Milan Design Week is a big deal. It gives our interior design team valuable insight on what’s trending in the industry, and allows us to procure the best furniture for our customers. As Milan Design Week wrapped up this year, our interior design team went to work–selecting furniture that our customers can expect to grow in popularity (and demand) throughout the year.

As discussed in our recent Milan Design Week recap, here are several home design trends that will flood the industry in 2015.

  • Modern and functional styling will continue it’s reign in 2015, bringing with it, gentler muted color choices, and an abundance of natural mineral materials.
  • Elegance was also heavily emphasized at Milan Design Week this year. A particular spotlight was shone on sectional pieces specifically designed for small, yet stylish contemporary living spaces.
  • Finally, this year, we noticed a high level of custom craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as creative use of color and finishes.

Based on what we saw at Milan Design Week, and careful consideration of our clients preferences, we have no doubt you will LOVE the pieces we’ve selected. Here is just a small sneak peek at what you can expect to see in our 2015 Milan shipment this Fall.

2015 Milan Shipment

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~Theodores Design Team

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