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Out of the Box DC Art Exhibit Recap

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Art and interior design have shared a dynamic partnership that dates back to the early days of the Renaissance movement.   Most interior designers regularly use art to illuminate a space, or invoke feelings and emotions.  Luckily for us, in the DC metro area, there is no shortage of art museums and exhibits to quench one’s passion for art.

Last week Janice and I took advantage of  DC’s appreciation of contemporary art, and attended the ‘Out of the Box’ exhibit at the Katzen Arts Center. The exhibit featured abstract works from two talented artists who’s artwork we have featured in our own gallery –Flora Kanter and Pam Frederick.

Out of the Box 12

For two hours,  Kanter and Frederick invited us along a journey to explore color, line and texture with a series of abstract mixed media works. As we wandered from piece to piece, we were struck by the relationship each artist conveyed with their work. Kanter’s work, more organic and defined by subtle curves; and Frederick’s work, more focused on the geometry and the hard edges of objects. Together, their individual contributions created a stunning visual interpretation of the way they each see the world.

Out of the Box 123

These photos capture just a small snippet of the incredible pieces we discovered at the exhibit. Here is a video with a more in depth look at the Out of The Box exhibit.


Interested in learning more about Flora Kanter and Pam Frederick? Be sure to stop by their websites!

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