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Metallic Medley

Metallic MedletMetals have indicated wealth and luxury for millennia. Silver, gold, brass, bopper and rose metallic gold lend an air of sophistication and glamour to our homes. To put it short, metals are associated with wealth and luxury.

Conventional wisdom has often suggested that when choosing metals, one metal should be used throughout a design plan, or at the very least, keeping the theme with cool metals or warm metals and not mixing the two. However, that’s not always the case.  Any  interior designer worth their salt knows that in design the only rule is that there are no rules.

While single metal looks are still quite lovely and can create a cohesive design, choosing a mix of metals demonstrates your style confidence. If unsure, beginning with small accent pieces in two or more patinas can give the look a trial run. We are certain that when you step back to assess the space, you will appreciate the striking impact of multiple metals.

Take a walk on the wild side with your home and try mixing your metals to create a metallic medley. Who knows, you just may end up loving what you come up with!

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